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Freight transportation development is on track

The government published a new freight strategy during the spring, a strategy that aligns well with the initiative being taken within freight transport at the European cooperative project Shift2Rail.

The new freight strategy aims to create conditions for efficient, high-capacity and sustainable solutions for freight transportation. This is a strategy that is entirely in line with the development that is currently underway within the European cooperative project Shift2Rail. CLOSER is coordinating one of their subprojects at Lindholmen Science Park.

Different areas that are particularly important for maintaining public, efficient and sustainable freight transport within Europe are being developed in Shift2Rail’s freight traffic initiative. 

janbergstrand_1.jpg“The strategies fit like a hand in a glove,” states Jan Bergstrand, coordinator of the Freight Program Shift2Rail, and continues, “We’ve established an action plan for rail freight, and it’s another concretization of the government’s freight strategy and illustrates what we need to prioritize within rail freight,” says Jan.

Activities under the Shift2Rail program are being coordinated between the authorities, academia and the business community, and the project is calling for research and innovation from members of Shift2Rail as well as the open market.

The work is organized around a number of prioritized areas/benefits that will all be demonstrated before the end of the program.

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