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Effective, sustainable container transport to be highlighted during HCT

At the Nordic High Capacity Transport (HCT) Annual Conference 2020, which is being held on 22 October, Sara Thiel from the city of Borås will talk about Autofreight. This is a project that is laying the foundations for effective, sustainable container transport by setting up a horizontal cooperation between many companies and enabling them to make joint use of the transport capacity.

What does Autofreight involve?
- As part of Autofreight, the city of Borås and companies in the city have created an open transport system that offers effective, sustainable container transport between Viared logistics park in Borås and the port of Gothenburg. It has led to a significant reduction in fuel consumption and a much higher filling level for the containers. The transport system is based on daily strategic cooperation between many different suppliers of goods and haulage companies in Borås which balance out each other’s import and export flows.

How does it work if several companies have to fill up one truck that is travelling in one direction?
- The transport system is functioning well in practice and reducing the impact on the climate, which was our starting point. The fact that it is also economically competitive is a bonus. The companies’ knowledge and their commitment to working together to make this happen have been key factors in the success of the project. 

Why is the city of Borås taking part? It is relatively unusual for local authorities to become involved in projects like this.
- Autofreight is an important part of the city’s strategy for establishing competitive transport solutions to and from Borås. We believe that a significant part of the large and rapidly growing delivery requirements here can be met in this way in future.

The introduction to the conference will include insights from two speakers from Europe into their perspectives on the future of freight transport.